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Cultivating development

for neophiles

I offer educations and trainings to teach the arts
of personal development and collective evolution.
For every of the following offers you can ask me
deliberately via E-mail for a date for your own
personal initiation (normally I would invite you
then to come to the Canarian Island La Gomera,
where I live and teach) or you can invite me worldwide
to give o workshop for your collective/corporation
(on demand I can invite you to visit me, too)
or you can visit one the upcoming events
Im anouncing here.

Upcoming EVENTS:

At the moment everything is booked up.
Please come back later to find more offers.
But you can book every of the following educations
as a group workshop on demand or ask
for your personal initiation ...

 for curious ones

for neophiles


for selfdevelopers


innovative collectives

for future investors

Pioneer Products
for trendsetters


An initiation in the joy of eternal life
- always and evererywhere
now and here !

For materialists and other
atheists, who want to know
how they can create
heaven on earth.

You can ask for your personal initiation
or book a workshop on demand.

Contact (please click here).


A definition:

We live in an intelligent, creative cosmos which was seen as such by our ancestors still in direct experience - without need to call it "God" or "Gods". Just the later upcoming religions instrumentalized this natural spirituality for their own use and forced the people to obey their religious rules. The priests could act than as mediators between human and god and keep their believers in naive adorment and exploitation. They just went so far over the top, that people stopped to believe in religion and choosed to follow materialistic and atheistic ideologies instead. But these are even less capable to integrate humans sensefull in the bigger picture of a living, creating cosmos. Therefore materialistic societies tend to deny and destroy their own divinity and their own capacities of survival as a living, creative species. A healing process of this selfdestruction by lacking spirituality would need to return to the original free spirituality with its unique individual experience of the spiritual aspects of self and cosmos. No more believe in manmade gods, but the direct experience of ones own spiritual connection with everything and all is the kind of free spirituality I teach in my initiations and workshops.  Who is interested can get a introduction into the experiences of unity, eternal life, collective consciousness, higher self, universal love, creative powers and ultimative joy. What you will do then with this etheric treasures, you will decide deliberately for yourself. You will not need a guru any more, now that youre becoming your own spiritual master ... 


.  Awake your
Learn to unfold your highest !
Learn to boost the best in each other !
Learn to raise our common world
into heaven on earth !

You can ask for your personal initiation
or book a workshop on demand.

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What is NOBELTY ?
A definition:

Nobelty is the courage to realize our highest possibilities and to grow into the greatest version of ourselves. That means to recognize our meaner motivations, selfimages and worldviews and to transform them into higher ones. For nobelty we have to accept that we are nothing less than encarnated gods on earth who can live like creators and realize their beautifullest dreams. Also our connection to other people and other creatures we can create with nobel motivations and therefore act in empathy and love, inspiring others to leap up their personal evolution and become noble, too. Nobelty is the decision to live as a human like a king or queen, realizing humanity as a real crown of terrestrial evolution and species history. All that we have to do for it is to transform into our highest version.

Lesson with following discussion


Basic informations:
Whats wrong with this civilisation? Why is it tumbling from crisis to crisis along the edge of selfdestruction? And how can we solve this threatening situation? The basic problem can be summarized in just a few words: We are alienated from nature.  From our own inner nature and from the whole of nature outside. This civilisation is so extremly alienated, that everything wild and free is seen as hostile and has to be submitted, controlled, exploited - and when its not willing to become our slave its doomed to extinction. And theres no chance to explain this as an evolution, that is destroying old structures to build up new ones. Its looking much more like a planetary disease that is growing inhumanity and livehostillity like a cancer and tries to infect every living beeing on earth with profound suffering. Who wants to escape from this vicious circle can do it by contacting his or her lost inner nature and making peace with the living world around. A healthy human culture and civilisation can only grow and blossom on the fertile ground of a healthy human and terrestrial nature. Whos dignifying the own inner animal can evolve to an angel. Whos speaking with plants can grow paradieses. Whos accepting himself/herself as a creature of a wild universe can be free like a god on earth to create a really uplifting culture. Civilisation can be a crown of human evolution, when its combining nature and culture to a vital and philantropic symbiosis. With this in mind I hope youre still interested, dear reader, wish you a successfull selfhealing and contamination of others - and surely would be glad to see you in the upcoming lesson with following discussion.

for community seekers


The stoneage humanisation success
now anew as a postmodern evolution serial

What is a human species appropriate community?
Principals of basic-democratical selforganisation.
Free will und common sense hand in hand.
Natural authority and selfchosen idols.
Advanced discussion culture and
the biggest common sense.
Supporting each other.
Liberating children.
Creating culture.
And much more.

or communities in foundation
can invite me or send representants
to me. Im heartly willing to share
my knowledge and experiences,
my insights and visions
with interested ones.

More informations
you find in my INFOTEXT:
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for parents, pedagogues
and children supporters


Human species appropriate
children selforganisation
- orientated at tribal life

What is a
human species appropriate childhood?
Natural baby socialisation. Nestleaving
impulses in the ablactation age.
Childrens selforganisation in
children groups of mixed ages.
Curiosity and playing as learning motivation.
Own will and social instict in positive backloop.
Selfchosen idols and the freedom of creativity.
Childrens erotic and lust-orientation.
Gendertypical tendencies.
Initiation in the adults world.
And finally in all details:
How can you  as an adult
cofound a children horde

Parents associations,
kindergardens and schools,
alternative communities,
pedagogical organisations
universities, etc. can invite me
or send their representants to me.
Im heartly willing to share my
knowledge and experiences,
my insights and visions
with interested ones.

More informations
you find in my INFOTEXT:

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... and much MORE

are in preparation ...

If youre interested now
to book one of the offered
educations ... please contact me (click here).