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Learning how to cultivate
selfdevelopment and
collective evolution

Who are Evolution Leapers ?

Evolution Leapers are people, who wish
to unfold their higher evolutionary potentials.
Who decide consciously to reach above the level
of an intelligent mammal, which is able to feed,
to house, to procreate itself and to organize
society-dinosaurs with tiny elite brain and
a huge unconsciouss mass-body.
Evolution Leapers are willing
to develop their personality,
to cultivate their humanity,
to uplift their society,
maybe even to realize
their superhuman potentials.
Evolution Leapers create their
own destiny and cocreate our
common future. They will be able
to realize Utopia on Earth through
their higher awareness and abilities,
while nowadays biorobot-people and
society-dinosaurs doom selfselves to
extinction by their own primitivity.
Everybody who is willing to ascend
his or her personal evolution and
to raise our collective evolution,
can call him- oder herself
an Evolution Leaper.

Who is Freigeist von Lebenskunst ?

This is my artists peudonym as a german poet and philosopher,
visionary and futurologist, wizard and healer,
paradise gardener and culture creator.
In English my name would mean:
Free Spirit of the Art of Life.
I felt dedicated to EVOLUTION
since childhood and was faszinated
by the miracles of the past terrestrial and
human evolution as well as by the wonders of
science-fiction and all kinds of modern human innovations.
Later I studied stoneage archeology at university to understand better
our past and decided afterwards to study autodidacticaly our nowadays
and upcoming evolutionary potentials. I studied everything I found
from other evolutionary visionaries, like Robert Anton Wilson,
Theilhard de Chardin, Bertaux, Gurdjeff, Nietzsche, Rumi,
Meister Eckhart and many others and began to develop
MYSELF as an Evolution Leaper and to publish my own
visions and to realize my own evolutionary projects.
Some of them you will find on this website.
Nowadays I also work as a teacher
in evolutionary questions for
 interested ones to help them
creating their own evolution leaps.
As a professional Evolution Guide
I offer workshops on schedule and
personal consulting on demand to
all questions of body consciousness,
emotional intelligence, psychic abilities,
spiritual awakening, collective intelligence
and many others. Who wants to know more
about his or her personal evolution potential
and/or our collective ascendence possibilities,
can visit one of my public events or feel heartly
invited to contact me frankly to ask for personal
consulting. Just donīt expect the lifestyle or outfit
of a serious businessmen from me, but the
creative appearance of a life-artists ...

Freigeist von Lebenskunst
Berlin - Canary Islands - Worldwide




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